Commander Maxson was the creator of the Brotherhood of Steel. Maxson was extremely obese, but had so much power, he even matched the power of Colonel Autumn, his long time friend. When commisioned to the Glow, the Glow was destroyed. Maxson brought an expedition toward the Mariposa Military Base, only to bring the forming of Super Mutants. The stench of the drug had killed Maxson's soldiers. Escaping, Maxson met with Colonel Autumn, and they built the Lost Hills Bunker. The Brotherhood was formed, and had tons of technology.


In 2161, Colonel Autumn betrayed Maxson, and took power over the Brotherhood. The Vault Dweller cursed all the soldiers to become extremely obese, and so Colonel Autumn had wasted his time. A life of misery prepared for this murderer. He did change again, however.

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